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  1. 英文关于假期的短句
  2. 描写家乡的优美句子英语



At the beginning of this holiday I made a time table for myself.

At the beginning of this holiday I made a time table for myself.

I insist to get up at 8:00 every morning.

Morning is the best time to study, so I read English and chinese paper every morning.


Sometimes,my mother is not at home and I try to do my lunch.My cooking is OK.


After lunch I always go out with friends,even thought it's very hot.


We play basketball,swimming,skiing and sometimes we practise street dance.


Before the sky get dark I must go home.

In the evening,I play computer or see films,but I sleep before 11 o'clock.


Even thought everyday repeat these,I am full and I'd like it.


Because I have a useful and a happy holiday.


同学,这段文字中的句子都是经典,你就看着用吧These days I felt so free. I can do the things that I like. I can get up till the sun has already rose very high in the sky and don't need to worry about being late for school. I can go shopping day after day unless I am tired. I can go to the places where I want to go. I can stay at home and surf the internet dayafter day. I can talk with my friends online and play computer games. I can enjoy myself to the full. Because I know clearly that after the summer holiday my busy school life will begin. I will use this summer holiday to do the things that I can not do during the school life.How time flies! I felt I had done nothing but the day for school is nearer and nearer. Now I found playing without definite goals was so boring. I want to go to school now and I want to read books. I also miss my classmates and my teachers. Now I felt the blankness of my life. I thought the restriction sometimes would become a good thing. Freedom is a relative conception and there is no absolute freedom. Nowadays I will go out to teach a junior student everyday to earn some money, and then I will translate some short articles for improving my English, exceptfor that I will read all the books that I like. These days I always went to a book store, where I can borrow some books to read. A book one day only costs 0.2 Yuan. There are many famous books there and I am very fond of that bookstore now. Three days before I had finished the book named“The Mouse Loves the Rice” written by Yang Chengang who is a very popular singer on internet now. The story is not so interesting and is a sand story. It describes two lovers who meet and fall in love with each other by chatting on internet depart in the end. Today I am reading another book“The Stories Happened in Beijing”(Its Chinese name is“Jing Hua Yan Yun”, I don't know the appropriate translation) written by Lin Yutang.This book is just like“红楼梦”, I has just read a little and this book needsto be read word by word for it's such a great book. After I finished it I hopeI can share my thoughts and view with my friends. Because discussing with my friends about a book will make me understand the book much more profound and penetrating. I like discuss with all my friends and I'd like to hear various views that were different from mine.In less than three weeks I will begin my school life and now I am expecting it very much. I will begin my new life and I am determined to study the knowledge carefully with my heart. Because now I have already found the fun in study andI know I must learn something to enrich my life. Tomorrow is another day!。


I had a kind of/sort of holiday in the summer but I couldn't really relax.2.这些大学生在计划着怎样过暑假。The students are planning how to spend their summer vacation.3.许多学生在暑假期间找些临时工。

Many students find temporary jobs during their summer holidays.chemyq.com4.Do you have any plan for this summer vacation?这个暑假你有什么打算?5.His summer vacation will end in the late August.他的暑假将于八月底结束。6.I have saved an amount sufficient for summer vacation.我存一笔钱足够暑假的花销。

7.What are you thinking of doing on summer vacation?你打算暑假做什么?8.I'm looking forward to seeing you this summer vacation.我盼望今年暑假见到你。9.Football players often work with roadgang roadgangs during summer vacation.橄榄球选手在暑期常客串筑路工人。

10He lotted upon traveling in China during his summer vacation.他指望暑假到中国去旅行。11.I intend to stay at school during the summer vacation.我打算暑假呆在学校里。

12.The students have all gone down for the summer vacation.大学生们都离校过暑假去了。 13.他不远万里来中国度暑假。

He has come over to China for the summer.14.一谈到暑假,我们大家都变兴奋了。When it came to the summer vacation, we all became excited15.我好想明年暑假去一趟欧洲。

I feel like going to Europe for a visit next summer vacation.16.这个暑假有两个多月。This summer vacation will last some two months.17.我将去我叔叔的农庄过暑假。

I will spend my summer vacation in my uncle's grange18.他一暑假皮肤晒得黝黑。He's very brown after his summer holiday.dict.cn19.我的朋友和我喜欢在暑假去旅行。

My friends and I like to go traveling during summer vacation20.暑假将至,请家长踊跃购买礼卷。SCRIPT order forms were distributed to each student last week.21.我计划花我的暑假对**的今年。

I am planning to spend my summer holiday on sports this year.22.我迫不及待的制定我的暑假计划。I can't wait to set up my summer vacation plan.23.暑假里你还去了别的什么地方吗?Where else did you go in the summer vacation?24.去年暑假我们乘飞机去德国度假。

We traveled to Germany by plane last summer vacation.25.在暑假前,我们还会有一次订阅。We will have one more order before the Summer break26.我将在暑假里的时候去海南旅游。

I will go on vacation in hainan tourism.27.这个暑假,我的梦想终于实现了。This summer holiday, my dream came true.28.去年暑假学生们参观了历史博物馆。

The students visited the History Museum last summer holiday29.自从暑假开始以来。她在做些什么?What's she been doing since the second semester started?30.你上大学是有没有做过暑假工?Did you do any summer jobs while you were a college student?31暑假给了我们一段愉快的歇夏时间.The summer holidays gave us a welcome breathing-space.32.今年暑假我在一家快餐店打工。

This summer vacation I got a part-time job in a snack bar.呼呼。..好累哦。


I had a good winter vacation.On vacaton,I went to the Hainan.Hainan was spring.It was so beauitful.I went swimming whit my parents.The beaches were so wonderful! I loved them。

I spent all time in there.I had a great vacation.I really want to visit there again.


1. My holidays are coming soon.I have some plans for the holidays and now I will talk about that with you. I will do some cleaning and do some washing with my mother at home. In my free time,I plan to go to see the movies or play football with my friends. Sometimes I will go to my grandparents' home and to visit them with my parents.And I will do my homework every evening.What about your plans?我的假期快要到了。我有一些假期计划,现在我会与你谈谈我的计划。我会与我母亲在家做些家务。在我的业余时间里,我会和我的朋友看电影或者踢足球。有时我会和我的父母去我的祖父母家看望他们。我还会在每天晚上做我的家庭作业。你的计划呢?

2. Vacation plans The summer vacation is coming. I will make a plan for this vacation. Firstly, to read several books which I really wanna read this semester: secondly, to start prepping for next term; thirdly, to help my parents with the housework; and the last, to call on my grandparents, and to introduce some methods of keeping healthy.假期计划暑假就要来了。我也必使他的计划这个假期。首先,读了几本书,我真的很想读这学期:其次,开始为下学期做准备;其三,来帮助我的父母做家务;最后,去拜访我的祖父母,引进的一些方法,保持身体健康

I have a very cheerful holiday in“The National Day”. My parent and I went to Shanghai about nine days ago. We got there by plane, I think that shanghai must be a very big city, and there are a lot of tall buildings. First we went into the hotel named”chuang ye”. And we saw the tall big building“Shanghai TV Tower”, at nine in the evening, we got back to the hotel. The second day, we visited Zhouzhuang. It's very beautiful and the air was good, I bought my favorite toy: weapons. I like them very much. Shanghai's food tasted good. Today we are very happy and tired, so we slept early in the night. The third day however, we didn't go anywhere, we stayed in the hotel until late in the afternoon. In the evening, we came back to Tianjin by plane to. This travel was fantastic!


I can't wait to set up my summer vacation plan.〖Two〗、.这个暑假,我的梦想终于实现了。 This summer holiday, my dream came true.〖Three〗、暑假给了我们一段愉快的歇夏时间. The summer holidays gave us a welcome breathing-space.〖Four〗、一谈到暑假,我们大家都变兴奋了。

When it came to the summer vacation, we all became excited 〖Five〗、知了也睡了,安静地睡了。忙碌之余,享受这宁静的夏天,那迷人的夏夜,享受快乐的每一天。

陪我度过一个完美的暑假,快乐的暑假。I slept and slept quietly. Be busy, enjoy this quiet summer, that charming summer night, enjoy every day. Accompany me through a perfect summer vacation, a happy summer vacation〖Six〗、转眼间,暑假就过完了。

这个暑假竟然过得这么快,我恨不得再接着过一次,因为这个暑假快乐无比!In a twinkling of an eye, the summer vacation is over. This summer unexpectedly passed so quickly, I want to go on another time, because this summer is extremely joyful!〖Seven〗、我最喜欢的就是过暑假了,因为可以去好多地方和好多朋友一起玩**。My favorite is summer vacation, because I can go to many places to play games with many friends.〖Eight〗、暑假快乐不可少,邀朋结友情谊好,各地美景也跑到,山川河流多美妙。

珍惜时光莫蹉跎,快快乐乐乐逍遥。The summer vacation is a great time to be happy, to be friends with friends, and to see the beauty of the mountains and rivers. Don't waste time in your life.〖Nine〗、暑假来临,让烦恼歇歇班,快乐一下;让压力走走远,轻松一下;让祝福报报到,甜蜜一下;祝你暑假快乐,幸福一“夏”!Summer vacation comes, let worry rest class, happy; Let the stress go away and relax. Let the blessing report to report, sweet once; Wish you a happy summer holiday and a happy summer!〖Ten〗、热情胜过酷暑的天气,兴奋点燃潇洒的火焰,这条短信来时,愿你已经睡够睡饱睡醒,约着出去玩个开心。

亲爱的朋友,暑假快乐!The enthusiasm is better than the weather of the heat, the excitement ignites the natural fire, this text message come, may you have already slept enough to sleep to wake up, about to go out to have a fun. Happy summer, my dear friend!1〖One〗、多彩的假期是我的爱,热乎的心情掀起情豪迈,什么样的时光是最呀最摇摆,什么样的人儿才是最开怀!大批的快乐从暑假来,流向那期待自由的心怀!暑假快乐!The colorful vacation is my love, the warm mood lift up the mood, what kind of time is the most and the most sway, what kind of person is the most joyful! A great deal of happiness comes from summer vacation, to the heart that expects freedom! Happy summer vacation!1〖Two〗、假不在长,两月就行;玩不在多,快乐就成。斯是暑假,惟你高兴,无催促之乱耳,无作业之劳形,可以睡懒觉、玩通宵,往来有朋友,谈笑无禁忌。

孔子曰:暑假快乐。It's not long, it's two months away; When there is no play, there is happiness. It is summer vacation, but you are happy, there is no rush, no homework, you can sleep in, play all night, have friends, talk and laugh without taboos. Confucius said: happy summer holidays1〖Three〗、暑假里,火了热情,烧了激情,浓了亲情,温了友情,亲了爱情,抛了烦恼,弃了孤独,废了压力,埋了悲剧,祝你暑假快乐,生活幸福美满。

Summer vacation, the enthusiasm, fire burning passion, strong affection, wen the friendship, love, throw the trouble, abandon the loneliness, waste pressure, buried a tragedy, I wish you a happy summer vacation, life happiness.1〖Four〗、暑假来,看一部电视剧,管它是白天还是夜晚;听一段摇滚乐,管它是音调是高是低;暑假就是要丢了烦恼,丢了压力,祝你逍遥一个假期,暑假快乐。Summer vacation, watch a TV drama, tube it is day or night; Listen to a piece of rock music, which is pitch is low; Summer vacation is to lose the worry, lose the pressure, I wish you a free holiday, happy summer holidays1〖Five〗、知了叫,因你而呐喊,烈日晒,因你而热情,暴雨下,因你而疯狂,绿荫浓,为你而遮阳,送祝福,因你而幸福,祝你暑假快乐。

I know you, because you cry, the hot sun, because of you and warm, rain, because of you crazy, green shade, for you and sunshade, blessing, because of you happiness, I wish you a happy summer holiday。


here is what I got for you~~~~

I had a wonderful summer holiday. Going swimming is the first thing I did during the summer time, and the cold water in the swim pool made my everyday energetic. After that I would have breakfast with my friends while an interesting conversation in a small lovely restaurant near my house. We did a little trip to Guilin together,which became my most beautiful memory of this summer. In Guilin, not only did we see the amazing works of nature——the beauty of the mountains and rivers there was beyond words,we also had an opportunity to enjoy the Guilin people's life by staying at an inn ran by a local family. The tour to Yangshuo town was also of much fun. Foreigners were wondering freely in the streets and would say"Hello" to us with a smile,and everybody was friendly, which made this small town full of laughter and joy all the time. We met an American girl named Julie who was teaching English there, and she was a really nice girl who is curious about Chinese culture and eager to learn Chinese. We went to the famous Moon Hill by bike and we did enjoy ourselves all the way. Pictures were taken to capture such a memorable preious moment. We went back home by train one week ago, and now we are still talking about the trip in Guilin,which I think I will do it once again in the next summer holiday.


The wnter holiday was started.I wanted to spend a happy winter holiday.ItwasJanuary 28evening.It was nearlySpring Festival. Iwas very happy because I saw a lovelysnowman.I run downstairs queckly and make a snowman with my parents,too.It has10 minutes since I make the snowman.The snowman was small but lovely.I wanted to make a bigger snowman than this again.Ha-ha,it wasn't a snowman. It was an ogre.Ha-ha,it wasugly but made one's happy.It's 20 days sinse the winter holiday began.It is going to start to go to school again.The winter holiday is too happy!。

things i have done in the vacation:

watch TV/movies。看电视、电影

play computer/basketball/football。with。和。。。玩电脑、打篮球、踢足球

Go shopping/fishing。with。和。。。逛街、钓鱼

visit my friends/grandparents/sister/brother。拜访好友、爷爷奶奶、兄弟姐妹

travel to Shanghai to see the EXPO/Beijing。去上海看世博、去北京





The beautiful scenery of my hometown always makes me feel relaxed and happy, and makes people linger.


At home, the city is a dream; in the city, the hometown is floating in the sky.


There is only a broken tower in the distance. There is nothing to see. But I cant help looking and daydreaming because there is my hometown in that direction.


Just like she left her parents in her hometown and worked alone in other places. Everyone is trying to live and give up for happiness.


My hometown, like my mother, is nurturing us with her plants and trees.


The mother is worried about her childrens journey, and the wind and rain are changeable. Add clothes to be added, dont worry about dreams.


No matter how beautiful the city is, it will not be the cloud of our hometown; no matter how long the way home is, it will not be our miss.


At the moment when we left our hometown, we were destined to be young.


Quiet night, imagination, miss my hometown, miss my family, miss my friends!


When will old general Ran Ran Ran turn against his hometown. The Dragon hides the deep spring, and the beast steps high. Foxes die in Shouqiu. Their hometown is safe to forget.


I finally left my hometown and came to the city, like a leaf falling into the water from a tree.


Hometown, what is hometown? Home is the genius of blunt, wild boundless, the wind grass low see cattle and sheep. A night smoke barren garrison base, half pole slanting moon old pass city.


Borrow the light of the sky and connect to the earth; dont know the water of your hometown clearly, and dont be close to your hometown.


I have been away from my hometown for many years. I feel that things are changing and the scenery is totally different.


In essence, we are all people who have lost their hometown and cannot reach far away.


Camel Bells sway gently, the desert is barren, walking two lines who is sad. The wind and sand are boundless, the temples are grey, the sound of Hu Qin is cool, who sings softly, where is home.


If you cant go back to your hometown, there will always be one person and one soul on the way.


I can understand the ignorance and vanity on the way. They are all from my hometown, but I want to see them elsewhere.


I seem to remember that when I came back to my hometown, my friends and I were always learning the way you broke in.


Although I have been away from my hometown for more than ten years, nothing has changed in my hometown. The sky in my hometown is still so blue, and the water in my hometown is still so clear.











































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